Discover Almarow


Almarow is an exquisite fashion jewellery line that celebrates Italian craftsmanship, uniquely selected materials and impeccable finishes. Alma - meaning soul - leads each piece to resonate and illuminate soulfully with the wearer's identity. Quality, excellence and a touch of tradition inform each signature collection - all done alla Milanese -with a subtle nod to the energy and luminous beauty of founder Marta Oriani's home city - Milano.

Each collection celebrates a part of the wearers life.  Luxury crystals inspire elegance day and night and offer versatility for wear during the day, through to aperitivo. Elegance is a way of life.

The chain collection - emboldens and empowers, with signature charms and hidden messages for the wearer.


The magical enchanted charm collection - combine couture Velvet sourced from Japan - with a cosmology of protective charms for a mystical twist to the classic choker or friendship bracelet.

The Alta Moda embroidered choker collection - combines limited edition couture embroidery with a bohemian spirit.



Marta Oriani a Sotheby's gemologist - combines her in depth fine jewelry knowledge with her unique inspirations to create an exclusive line of statement and fine jewelry. 

Marta created the brand around one of her favourite key pieces in a jewelry wardrobe - the choker.  Perhaps the most important piece in some eras, Marta set about reviving its importance for modern women. Elegant, timeless, modern empowering, her different renderings of this key piece resonate now in other categories in the collection from earrings to rings.

On her production - Marta proudly says -

"Almarow only creates handmade quality products, with each stone, each detail, each component supervised by our talented craftsmen. I believe that in jewelry and in life - beautiful experiences come from that human touch, and it is this that I love embuing in each of my designs. We strongly believe in innovation as well as in tradition and we proudly support Italy’s manufacturing heritage. 

Authenticity is key to our designs, for this this reason the selection of our quality materials is extremely important and we avoid using less luxurious alternatives. Sustainability starts also with the intention of making pieces that will last, and that is my intention with Almarow."

On her inspirations - Marta says:

"Each Almarow piece starts from a desire, a dream or a passion my clients have. Each piece is intended to evoke the magic that is each of us, one of my favourite mantras is 'its not magic - its you', and that is what each Almarow piece is a reminder of for my customers."

Marta's love of art includes symbolism, surrealism, and impressionism. She is also obsessed with the ancient worlds, which regularly inform her modern designs that also nod to pop culture and the celebrations of life that her wearers take her pieces to.