Our Intentions 

For us, luxury means thoughtfully and conscientiously made objects that not only enrich the life of the owner but also are made with consideration to the artisans who craft them and the planet which gives us the materials to create. 
At Almarow, our vision of luxury prioritises singularity and time to create pieces that are for now and forever. We invest in our makers and materials so that our jewellery will stay with you through the years and will be worn by you through all your seasonal changes of style. 
We always wanted to keep it in the family: Almarow’s journey began in the Milanese home of our founder and since then we have sought out highly skilled Italian artisans – who represent generations of craftsmanship – to make our jewellery. Working by hand, not machine, each piece is unique and as such reflects the individual beauty of each wearer.

Our Sustainable Jewelry Materials 

Part of our sustainability jewelry practice is understanding that we are in many ways imperfect, and so we are always listening to and seeking out better ways of making so that our impact on our planet is minimised. Below are some of the ways that we have found to better our environmental impact, and ensure the longevity of our Italian jewelery. 
Our jewellery is free of animal materials 
Our leftover materials are not wasted and are up-cycled into other parts of our collection 
Our jewellery is made in limited edition runs to ensure there is no deadstock 
Our jewellery is non-toxic and does not contain nickel 
Our jewellery uses recycled gold 
Our packaging is made to be reused and to keep your jewellery safe and free from damage. It is also recyclable.  
Our makers are based in Italy, and where possible we source from Italian vendors to reduce the impact of long-haul transportation 
Our jewellery uses lab-made crystals rather than diamonds or natural gemstones whose impact on the earth is often detrimental 

Our Crystals 

Our decision to use crystals comes from an understanding of the environmental impact of diamonds. The enduring appeal of these precious stones has led to industrial-scale mining which consequently has caused deforestation, water contamination and toxic pollutants affecting both the miners and the local communities. The impact of the diamond industry extends far beyond the localities of the mines to contribute to the global warming of our planet. 
Almarow uses crystals made by a lab that complies with environmentally conscious standards that prioritise reducing C02 emissions and minimising waste; they also guarantee safe and healthy working conditions for their employees. These glass-based crystals represent a new kind of luxury, not founded on the principles of rarity that have encouraged the dilapidation of our planet but founded on principles of humanity that consider the people and the place which help to make the objects we treasure.