What Are The Birthstones Of The Chinese Zodiac?

What Are The Birthstones Of The Chinese Zodiac?

Much like the western astrological Zodiac signs, the signs of the Chinese Zodiac have distinct elements, aspects and indeed birthstones associated with them, which are often used as a thematic centrepiece for bespoke crystal jewellery.

The key difference between the western Zodiac and the Chinese Zodiac is that whilst the former assigns star signs and indeed birthstones to months, the latter does so to years.

With Chinese New Year being the Year of the Dragon this year, it would be interesting to look at the primary birthstones for the next few signs of the Chinese Zodiac.

Rabbit – Pearl

Whilst one of the biggest stories related to Chinese astrology concerns the Jade Rabbit, the main stone associated with the arrogant Rabbit is the Pearl, in part because of its association with the moon.

Dragon - Amethyst

The noble and revered Dragon is perhaps best epitomised by the cleansing and intuitive amethyst stone, which fits the inherent honesty and protective nature of those born in the Year of the Dragon.

Snake - Opal

Typically characterised as faring best in the midst of chaos, the independent Snake connects very closely with the creativity and expressive uniqueness of the Opal stone, allowing them to trust their own unique instincts.

Horse – Topaz

Much as the Horse of the Chinese Zodiac sprints through its own path, the goal-oriented Topaz suits its single-minded aims and allows it to achieve what it rushes out to do.

Goat – Emerald

The selfless, loving Goat, an animal of caring patience suits a stone that symbolises integrity, love and loyalty. Emeralds are a popular alternative stone for wedding rings for this very reason.

Monkey – Peridot

Monkeys in Chinese astrology were connected with long life, not least because of their intelligence and intuition, and the cleansing power linked to the Peridot bears this out, allowing them to recover from any knocks to the ego.

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