The Symbolic Meanings of Crystals

The Symbolic Meanings of Crystals

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, or any sparkly gemstone for that matter. But what are the true meanings behind the beautiful precious stones we adorn ourselves with? 

Each stone has a different symbolic meaning, some of which you may never have known. If you own any jewellery with crystals, you may wish to learn about the deeper meaning behind the gems. 

Rose Quartz

Pink rose quartz is symbolic of love. It opens both the heart and mind to receiving love and is said to amplify romantic feelings and attract romance into your life. 

This stone is associated with all kinds of love, even self-love, so any jewellery containing pink quartz would make the perfect gift to yourself or a loved one. 


Similarly, the ruby is also associated with love, however, this stone is mostly thought to represent romantic love, devotion and fidelity. The red colour symbolises intimacy and sensuality.


Amethyst is thought to be a protective stone and is symbolic of spirituality. It is said to provide feelings of calmness and safety and is used to reduce negative emotions and unease. 


Aquamarine represents happiness and hopefulness and is also symbolic of clarity and tranquility. The relaxing and calm associations of the stone tie in well with its beautiful blue tone which can come in a variety of hues, each as stunning as the last. 


Citrine is a gorgeous, golden yellow-hued quartz that is said to bring joy and prosperity to the owner. The cheerful yellow colour of the stone radiates positivity and optimism and it is also thought to be a healing stone that brings good health to the wearer. 


Sapphire is thought to help you focus and remain calm, as well as warding off unwanted negative thoughts and feelings. It is peaceful and soothing and a great choice for those wanting something to promote positivity and serenity.


Peridot is a beautiful, light green stone that comes in a variety of hues. It is thought to be the stone of compassion and is said to bring good health and peace to the wearer, as well as aiding in balancing the mind and emotions. 

This stone also helps to promote creativity and thoughtfulness, making it perfect for those wanting something bright and cheerful to help inspire new ideas and increase productivity.


Emerald is a stone that is both rich in colour and meaning. It is symbolic of wisdom, patience and inspiration and is thought to bring the wearer peace, harmony and love. The stone is also representative of intellectual power, making it a perfect gift for students or academics. 


Diamonds are thought to be symbolic of love, faithfulness, unity and love. Therefore, they are often used in wedding and engagement rings as they are the perfect way to show your love and commitment. 

These stones are all beautiful in their own way and their individual meanings and connotations can help make them even more special and meaningful for the wearer if gifted for certain occasions or events.

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