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Which Gemstones Are Best For The Summertime? | Almarow

Many people believe gemstones have healing properties and are able to manipulate your emotions and actions. For this reason, a lot of people will wear particular gemstones in order to help them feel a certain way.

Summer is one of the best times of the year, it is warm and sunny and many people look forward to it over any other season. Bright sunshine, clear skies, and warm weather can all help to improve your mood and make you feel happy and joyous.

For this reason, wearing gemstones that also promote joy and happiness during the summer is a great way to ensure you are as relaxed, positive and happy throughout the season.

Wearing bespoke crystal jewellery is also a fun and beautiful way to add colour to your outfits so that you can look as content and cheerful as you feel.

Citrine is a beautiful stone that is usually a sunny yellow colour which makes it very fitting for the summertime. It is often referred to as the stone of happiness and is believed to promote positive energy, joy and boost self-confidence.

Sunstone is another fitting stone for the summer and comes in a variety of gorgeous orange shades. It is thought to bring joy and optimism to the wearer and also helps in reducing negative thoughts. This is a great stone for those who want to feel positive and content.

Carnelian is a deep orange stone that would pair nicely with both citrine and sunstone to create a beautiful sunset-inspired colour palette. It has energy, courage, vitality and confidence, making it the perfect choice for those wanting to feel refreshed and energised.

Moonstone is a pretty iridescent stone that is thought to help the wearer achieve balance and inner peace. This is perfect for helping to reduce stress and anxiety and to bring calmness and serenity into your life.

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