Jewellery Trends for AW22

Jewellery Trends for AW22

Fashion followers will have kept an eye on what clothes will be hot this season, watching the catwalks to know biker chic is in and rainbow colours will brighten up those dark winter days. But when it comes to jewellery, it can be harder to stay up to date with the latest trends. 

Let’s take a look at what everyone will be wearing on their necks, wrists and ears this season to bring those fashion pieces to life.



Long gone are dainty bracelets, as this season is all about chunky cuffs. Stack them on top of each other for a dramatic effect and wear them over long sleeves, so you can stay warm in the cold weather. 

Metal cuffs with varying detailing look great together, particularly when paired with oversized rings. 


Big and bold 

Just like cuffs, necklaces and earrings are going to be bigger than ever this season. 

New York-based stylist Taylor Okata told Harper’s Bazaar: “Take a look at the statement earrings à la Schiaparelli fall 2022 Couture – and I saw hoops at Mugler so big you want to dunk on them.”

Chunky beaded necklaces are back in fashion, as are large, embellished chokers, and weighty bracelets. 



Even though summer is over, we can still be reminded of the beautiful flora of the warmer months by wearing jewellery decorated in flowery touches. Large floral statement earrings, rose brooches, a choker with a huge bloom or necklaces with different flower designs along the chain are all popular choices this season. 

As Vogue says, “designers offer a pretty bouquet of floral motifs for fall”, and not just for female fashion, but men’s too. 


Curved pieces

Designers threw us a curveball – excuse the pun – when it came to jewellery trends this season, introducing curved earrings and chokers on the catwalk. 

Chokers will stop just off centre of the neck, hooped earrings will not be fully closed, and bracelets will have a little gap between edges. Stella McCartney, Prada, Yuhan Wang and Bottega Veneta were just some designers showing off this look on stage.



Although chokers have already been mentioned in other trends, they are themselves going to be huge this autumn/winter. Dangly necklaces are a thing of the past, as women want to show off their pendants as close to their face as possible. 

There will be a huge variety of chokers around, from statement pieces to natural beaded ones, some with expensive jewels and others with biker embellishments. 


Fringed pieces

When you’re not wearing beautiful flowers or glistening trinkets, you should be decorating yourself with fringed accessories. 

These will be huge in clothes fashion too, but if you don’t fancy going for a full-on fringed skirt or top, you could always add some of the style into your outfit with a large, fringed necklace or a single fringed earring. 

The bigger the better, as this look is all about making a statement. 

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