What Are The Biggest Jewellery Trends For Guys?

What Are The Biggest Jewellery Trends For Guys?

Jewellery for men has blown up over the last few years, with brands aiming to appeal just as much to guys as they are to ladies when it comes to necklaces and bracelets. So, just what are the hottest male jewellery trends going to be this year?



Pearls have been popular since the 1920s when they were regularly seen teamed with flapper dresses. The movie stars of the ‘30s set the trend for a string of pearls, and this remained en vogue for decades. 

Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy made them look elegant during the ‘50s, they were a symbol of the swinging sixties, and Princess Diana brought them back into the public eye in the ‘80s. 

These days, however, it isn’t just ladies loving pearl jewellery, but guys too. The traditionally conservative look has even been adopted by the likes of Harry Styles, Usher and Nick Jonas recently. 

Stylist Andrew Gelwicks told Page Six Style: “The fact that top male talent such as Shawn Mendes and Joe Jonas are experimenting with historically ‘female’ trends such as pearl necklaces is a clear indicator of how any and all trends are up for grabs, regardless of who has traditionally worn them in the past.”


Gold chain and pendant

If pearls aren’t your thing, it is worth opting for a classic gold chain so you can change the pendant according to the occasion and your mood. 

Necklaces are going to be massive in 2023, as men look to spruce up their outfits in a way women have been doing for decades. Gold chains are the easiest way to do this, as you can simply invest in different pendants and change them around when you feel like it. 

You could attach personalised charms when you are feeling sentimental or bright, bold, and brilliant precious stones for those moments you want to grab attention. 



It isn’t just dangly necklaces that will be popular, however, as more guys are choosing to wear chokers with their shirts these days. Harry Styles, again, is a big fan of chokers, and has worn an array of short necklaces over the years. 

In his ‘Golden’ music video, he is spotted wearing a blue, white and yellow choker spelling out the title of the song, while the ex-One Direction star was seen wearing various brightly-coloured beaded chokers during recent public appearances. 

Gold chain choker necklaces are a good choice for your first piece of jewellery, as you can add a pendant to the chain when you fancy or leave it bare to wear with a sweater. 


Flashy pinky rings

Alternatively, you could go for a pinky ring if you want to jazz up your accessory collection. 

Most men only wear their wedding band on their fingers, while some don’t even wear that. However, if you fancy glamming up your hands, get an oversized flashy ring. 

Signet rings or sparkly stones are popular, and guys shouldn’t feel shy about the size of their jewels, as the bigger, the better with pinky rings this year. 

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