Princess Diana’s Favourite Jewels Featured In The Crown

Princess Diana’s Favourite Jewels Featured In The Crown

Many people will be watching the latest series of The Crown for different reasons, whether you want to find out more about the break-up between Princess Diana and King Charles III or you want to get a taste of what life was like for Prince Harry and Prince William growing up. Of course, lots of us just tune in to see the beautiful gowns and sparkling jewellery of the royals that we can only dream of wearing.

In Series 4 of The Crown, which started on Netflix just recently, Princess Diana wears the famous Lover’s Knot Tiara. This exquisite crown has dangling pearls and is encrusted with precious stones.

Audiences might recognise the dazzling tiara as it is often worn by the new Princess of Wales, Katherine.

However, a piece featured in the series that hasn’t been seen since Princess Di is the Spencer tiara. This, unsurprisingly, belonged to the Spencer family, and was worn on Diana’s and Charles’ wedding day, as well as on several occasions afterwards.

Most recently, it was on display at Sotheby’s London as part of an exhibit of almost 50 tiaras to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, Town and Country Mag reported.

Many of you will remember the black ‘revenge dress’ Di wore in 1994 when she showed up at Serpentine Gallery. Not only was the off-the-shoulder knee-length dress a showstopping number, but she teamed it with an eye-catching sapphire, pearl, and diamond choker. It is thought the piece of jewellery would be worth more than £1 million today.

She must’ve been ahead of her times, as chokers are very much back in fashion. So, if you want to replicate Di’s iconic looks, take a look at our gold chain choker necklaces here.

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