About Almarow

The brand new Italian label – launched in July 2021- Almarow designs jewelry that praise the natural beauty of a woman. The jewels are conceived to express style and charm for every occasion: casual with a pair of jeans by day or elevated with an cocktail dress by night. With a focus and attention on the smallest of details and high-quality materials, the jewels are entirely made in Italy, with fine crystals handset to get the best hues and sparks and the best Japanese quality velvet ribbon.
Statement pieces but delicate. Bold designs but elegant. Luxury niche but affordable.

The choice of materials is one of the strengths of the brand. Japanese double-face velvets, high-end crystals, chiseling and graphic details are just a few aspects present in the study and care of the product.

Its unique pieces are designed to emphasize the character and style of the beholder. Enhancing our product offering as we grow and building a strong foundation of trust with our clients will always ensure we are creating a cohesive and solid community of Almarow women.
A fundamental future vision of this brand is to endorse the made in Italy superb reputation by supporting handmade, high-end unique craftsmanship by the finest Italian artisans.