Top Tips For Jumping Into The Y2K Jewellery Trend

Top Tips For Jumping Into The Y2K Jewellery Trend

A common mantra in the fashion world is that whatever was old is new again, and this year it is time for turn-of-the-millennium fashions to return to the spotlight.

The trend of Y2K jewellery is somewhat unique in that its stark, vibrant plastic reality provokes an exceptionally strong reaction from fashionistas of the era.

However, the push for prelapsarian nostalgia cannot be stopped, and much like the rest of the Y2K trend, there is a lot of fun to be had in exploring the bright colours, childlike wonder and embrace of tasteful kitsch that emblematises the era.

With that in mind, here are some tips for getting into the trend.


Embrace Bright Beads

A lot of the Y2K trends that have stuck are linked to the kinds of arts and crafts projects kids and "tweenagers" would have made at the time. Bright bead necklaces, big acrylic statement rings, jewellery statements using bits and bobs like the tops of soft drink cans and so on.

As such, the first rule of Y2K is to cast off any limitations you may have had about wearing vibrant jewellery as it is very much the norm and not the exception.

From gold chains filled with brightly coloured charms and translucent hearts to giant glass or acrylic rings built to make a particularly bold and potent statement, the goal is to embrace the joy of bright colours, which makes sense given that so many fashion trends have put taste above everything else.


Novelty Is The Norm

It can be difficult to convey this to people who did not live through the Tammy Girl era, but the goal of Y2K is to embrace the absolute individualism of the period.

This means adding hearts, fruit shapes, animal shapes, the taijitu (yin and yang) symbol, smiley faces and even the tops of soft drink cans, as these all provide the types of quirky looks and vivid designs that make Y2K special, especially looking back.

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