How To Choose Christmas Jewellery

How To Choose Christmas Jewellery

Now we are well into autumn, there is no more denying that Christmas is coming. The familiar sights of Christmas trees in shops and festive bunting are already starting to appear.  That means it is time to start thinking about present buying.

If the lady in your life likes to dress up, there is no doubt that some Christmas Jewellery can be the finest of gifts. Not only can you give her something she will treasure for many years, but it will, quite literally, provide some wonderful sparkle in the customary dark and gloomy days of January when the bunting has come down. One source of beauty will remain when the rest has gone.

For many men, however, the basic concept will be easier to grasp than the result. You may have a reasonable idea that your significant other will appreciate some jewellery, but knowing how to choose wisely is not easy. What is more, the last thing you will want you do is get it wrong and leave her disappointed. 

Some basic questions should apply from the start. Does she actually wear jewellery much anyway? If so, when? Is it regularly or just on special occasions?  She might, for example, like to wear something modest for work and more extravagant on a night out. 

You may also check if she prefers a particular type of jewellery. For example, if she likes earrings but not necklaces, for example, it is clear which if those to go for 

All this might seem like common sense, but it can be easy to get carried away and not think through what may be some obvious signs you can be guided by.

However, there are many other considerations you can apply too. Firstly, be observant of her dress and general appearance in a broader fashion. Look at the clothes she wears and think what may fit with that style. It may be minimalist or maximalist, for example. 

Also, she may show a clear liking for particular colours (both in terms of the metals and the gems), certain styles or themes, while her eye or hair colour might also provide a clue. Might something in sapphire blue match her eyes or ruby red go with ginger hair? Or could she display a liking for a certain colour expressed in her clothes, her home decor or even her favoured football team?

Besides all that, you can always do a simple thing for a girlfriend - ask one of her friends for advice. Yes, this may seem a slightly underhand way to go about things, but it also increases the chances that you will get it right by tapping an obvious and useful source of knowledge. And you don’t have to tell her where you got it from! 

None of this makes for an exact science, for everyone is different. But with a bit of research, you can be more confident of finding something that she will enjoy wearing, while also appreciating the care and effort you took in choosing jewellery so well suited to her.

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