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Which Gemstones Are The Most Hardwearing?

All gemstones are beautiful but not all gemstones are made equal. Choosing a stone requires more thought than simply deciding which you think is most beautiful. 

Jewellery with crystals requires more care than other types, especially if the stones are easily damaged.

The hardness of the stone you require will depend on the kind of jewellery you wish to purchase, where it will be worn and how often it will be worn. 

Softer stones are more prone to breaking or chipping, but this doesn’t mean you should steer clear of them entirely. They are perfect for sentimental gifts or specialist jewellery that will not be worn very often.

However, for everyday wear, a sturdy stone with a high Mohs hardness rating is most suitable. This is especially important when looking at stones for rings as they are more prone to damage due to being worn on the hand. 

It is a well-known fact that diamonds are one of the most hardwearing, strong stones on the market. They score a high ten on the Mohs hardness scale making them the perfect choice when giving jewellery, especially for engagement rings since these are worn every day. 

However, diamonds are very expensive stones so if you are looking for an alternative that looks just as stunning, is just as sturdy but is a fraction of the cost, moissanite may be a more fitting option. 

For statement stones, rubies and sapphires offer brilliant colour with the added benefit of being durable and long lasting. These stones score a nine on the hardness scale, making them a beautiful choice for everyday wear if you desire a pop of colour in your jewels. 

Topaz is another beautiful stone that is hard wearing and it also comes in a wide variety of colours, from brilliant yellows and oranges all the way through to reds, blues and greens. 

Topaz is not as strong as the previously mentioned stones, however, it still scores an eight making it perfectly okay for everyday wear. Due to the colour range available with topaz, it can be a beautiful option for those wanting variety in their jewellery collection. 

Quartz is another good choice for jewellery. It scores a seven, making it not as strong as other options however it is still wearable for everyday use. 

You may wish to take more care with stones that score lower than quartz as they can be damaged more easily. Some stones that score lower are fine for wearing as necklaces or earrings, however may suffer damage if worn on the hand.

Other stones that score above a seven include tourmaline, amethyst and garnet. These stones, similar to topaz, can come in a wide variety of colours and some are more affordable than others. 

It is important that you take care when choosing a stone and to not simply choose it for its looks alone. 

Fluorite is a beautiful stone that many people choose, but it can become scratched very easily so people are often left disappointed when it wears over time due to its softness. 

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