The Most Expensive Heart-Shaped Necklace Was Made For A Film

The Most Expensive Heart-Shaped Necklace Was Made For A Film

When buying a piece of jewellery for a loved one, the best approach is to find a piece that reflects what that person means to you, so they will always carry that feeling in their heart.

For some, this can be somewhat abstract, such as a design based around a particular colour or flower with a symbolic meaning. In other cases, it can be as direct as heart jewellery.

The heart is one of the most enduring symbols of love in history, and has been a part of art since at least the 13th century and potentially earlier depending on how certain similar antique symbols were interpreted.

The most expensive heart-shaped necklace, last valued at over £18m, was a specific high-quality replica of the Heart of The Ocean, a prop necklace made for the 1997 movie Titanic.

Specifically, this is not the replica version worn by Celine Dion at the 1998 Academy Awards when she sang My Heart Will Go On, but instead the necklace made by Harry Winston Inc. for Gloria Stuart, the actress who played the older version of Rose at the same awards show.

The story behind the necklace in the film is a conflation of the story of a blue sapphire necklace that was lost when the real Titanic sank, as well as the Hope Diamond, the most expensive jewel in history which had been donated to the Smithsonian Institute by the late Harry Winston himself.

The former was given to Kate Florence Philips, by her lover, a confectionary magnate to whom she was the assistant, Harry Samuel Morley. They had fled London in secret with a plan to start a new life together, although he would die during that fateful voyage.

The other was the Hope Diamond, a blue diamond owned by Louis XIV rather than Louis XVI and alleged to have a curse that befalls everyone who owns it.

Both stories were combined by James Cameron into the Heart of the Ocean, which has become a symbol of the film Titanic and the love story at its centre.

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