The Meaning Behind The Chinese New Year Of The Rabbit

The Meaning Behind The Chinese New Year Of The Rabbit

Millions of people around the world celebrated Chinese New Year last weekend, from tucking into Far Eastern cuisine and watching parades throughout China Towns to wearing traditional outfits and beautiful jewellery. But do you know the meaning behind this Lunar New Year, with the Chinese zodiac celebrating the rabbit in 2023?

Every Chinese New Year, a different animal of the zodiac is celebrated, and this year it is the rabbit. On 22nd January, celebrations kicked off the world over to honour the fourth animal in the list of 12 zodiac creatures.

Each animal represents different things, with the rabbit focusing on contemplation, relaxation, and quietness.

BBC Bitesize spoke to Dr Hongling Liang from the University of Glasgow’s School of Modern Languages and Culture about the special occasion, who said 2023 is likely to be “calm and gentle, bringing an energy that will help those looking for more of a balanced life”. 

Those born in the year of the rabbit, which also includes 2011, 1999, 1987, 1975, 1963, 1951 and 1939, are thought to be gentle, clever, and cunning. 

“Its charm and speed attracts good qualities such as money, partnership and success,” Dr Liang commented. 

They are also thought to be sociable, have excellent reasoning skills and attention to detail, and make good scholars. Men are particularly polite, have self-control, avoid conflict, are organised, and do their share of the household chores. 

Women born in the year of the rabbit are also sociable, as well as being thoughtful and polite, hate arguments, are conscious of how they are perceived, and give everything they have to those they love. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion, parades, lantern and firework displays, and all manner of festivities took place. 

It was definitely a great excuse to wear the Lunar Year of the Rabbit 18k gold charm necklace or other gold velvet chokers, although the jewellery could be worn time and time again for those whom this year means something significant to.
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