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How To Clean And Care For Your Bespoke Jewellery

Statement jewellery can add a beautiful touch to any look, however in order to keep it looking as pristine and sparkling as possible it is important that you properly care for it.

Different stones and metals will have different care requirements, so researching the best ways to clean your product is key to keeping it in the best condition.

Some jewellery with crystals may be especially delicate and should be handled with care. This can help to prevent tangling when taking jewellery on and off as well as keep the stones from getting damaged or scratched.

It is always best to store your jewellery properly when not wearing it, either in its original box or in a suitable display to ensure it does not get damaged. Hanging necklaces is a great way to ensure they do not become tangled together in jewellery boxes.

Avoid using harsh chemicals can help to prevent damage to your jewellery. Harsh household cleaners and chemicals can dull stones and damage and discolour metals, so it is best to avoid these at all costs.

Instead, opt for a specialist cleaner specifically made for the metal you have. This will be gentler on your jewellery and clean it more effectively without causing damage.

It is important to still take care, even when using a specialist cleaner. Being too rough or abrasive can still damage your metals and stones so using a soft cloth and gentle motions will be the best way to clean and polish your pieces.

Try and avoid prolonged exposure to water. Although a lot of metals are water resistant and shouldn't rust, they may still discolour when left wet for long periods of time. Drying your jewellery off after showering or washing your hands can help to prevent this and keep it in top condition.

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