Choosing A Gemstone Shape

Choosing A Gemstone Shape

When buying jewellery, there are so many options to consider. If you’ve decided on a type of jewellery, a metal, a gemstone you may think that all the boxes have been ticked. However, there is one more choice to make – what shape would you like? 

Gemstones come in so many shapes and sizes that you may feel overwhelmed at all there is to offer, however, there are certain shapes that work best depending on what you want from a piece of jewellery.

A round-cut gemstone is classic, elegant and sophisticated. This is one of the most traditional shapes you can choose from and works well for most kinds of jewellery, whether it be a necklace or a ring. They are incredibly sparkly and beautiful and this is a perfect choice if you want something classic and timeless. 

The princess cut is another elegant choice. The square shape makes it perfect for statement pieces and it also has a lot of height, making it an excellent choice for stand-out, sparkly rings. 

Similar in shape is the cushion cut. This is a rounded and flat cut that is timeless and romantic. Again, this shape of stone makes for excellent statement pieces and is a little softer than the princess cut but just as beautiful. 

Oval-cut stones are beautiful and make for great central pieces in multi-stone jewellery. They can give jewellery a more unique and interesting look that is sure to turn heads. 

A pear-cut stone is another more interesting choice. These make excellent choices for engagement rings as they are beautiful, eye-catching and unique. This shape looks amazing alone or with accent stones and can be the perfect choice if you want something a little bit different. 

A heart-shaped stone is a beautiful choice for sentimental, personal gifts. Whether it is used in earrings, necklaces or rings, heart jewellery is sure to stand out and make a statement. This cut is a lovely choice when giving a gift to a loved one or significant other. 

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